This repository supplements the following publication: M. Al-Sa’d et al. “RF-based drone detection and identification using deep learning approaches: an initiative towards a large open source drone database”, Future Generation Computer Systems, 2019.

It contains LabVIEW programs to record and process RF signals coming from intruding drones along with MATLAB and Python scripts to detect and identify those drones using their RF signatures.

The DroneRF database is available on Mendeley through the following link:

Kindly cite the database when used as follows:

Al-Sa’d, Mohammad; Allahham, Mhd Saria; Mohamed, Amr; Al-Ali, Abdulla; Khattab, Tamer; Erbad, Aiman (2019), “DroneRF dataset: A dataset of drones for RF-based detection, classification, and identification”, Mendeley Data, v1.